Who was Canada's First Junior Men's Hockey Player? A Look at the 1978 IIHF World Youth Championship

The 1978 IIHF World Youth Championship was a major milestone for Wayne Gretzky, a 16-year-old hockey phenomenon. The tournament was held in Montreal, and the national youth team finished with a 5-0-0-2 record, giving the United States team its 14th medal in the tournament. Along the journey to the championship, the USA team included players and staff in the “lightning round” to help them get to know each other. In today's final segment, we'll meet Charlie Stramel, who plays for the University of Wisconsin.

As the USA team progresses through the IIHF World Youth Championship, we'll regularly include players and staff in the “lightning round” so you can get to know them. Although the locker room configuration of the United States team in Halifax is very different from that of the NHL at the Avenir Center in Moncton, USA. UU. Training has spent a lot of time and energy creating a comfortable environment for players and coaches to prepare for the two most important games of the tournament. While players and coaches are focused on winning the last two Youth World Cup games and taking home a gold medal, Jessica Thibault, who manages team services in the United States, USA.

The national youth team, works with general manager John Vanbiesbrouck and Kelly Olsen of the US International Hockey Department. Department of State, in a total exit strategy. The stars aligned yesterday for the United States team, with Switzerland recovering from a 3-1 deficit to beat Slovakia, thus opening the door to the United States,. Winning Group B with a win over Finland. And that's exactly what happened with a 6-2 victory against a crowd with maximum capacity at the Avenir Centre in Moncton on New Year's Eve.

The atmosphere was naturally festive after the game. With five University of Michigan players on the team, the national soccer semifinal match between Michigan and TCU took place in the locker room. There was also a lot of interest that the world youth match between Canada and Sweden would also be played in Halifax. After a victory for the EE team. In the USA, a player receives an American-themed cowboy hat in the locker room after each game.

Coach Rand Pecknold selected the first winner and then, subsequently, each player who received the hat for last time selects next winner. Netminder Trey Augustine gave hat to Red Savage after United States team's victory over Finland yesterday (Dec. Today he is defender and captain of Luke Hughes' team who plays at Michigan University. With victory Team USA advances to quarterfinals as seeded group B and will face Germany on Monday (January). The first match is scheduled for 5:00 p.m.

And can be seen live on NHL Network. Today it is forward Jimmy Snuggerud who plays for Minnesota University. The United States team had almost all day off today, with exception of stretch in U. S. Costume directed by strength and fitness coach Will Morlock, who holds same position at Michigan State University.

The atmosphere was upbeat but measured as Team USA prepares for tomorrow's New Year's Eve match with Finland to close preliminary round. After final stretch many players and staff had opportunity to spend time with family and friends who are here in Moncton supporting them. Players enjoyed dinner together outside hotel at nearby restaurant. Striker Rutger McGroarty filmed tour of team's locker room early afternoon with Jon Rosen of NHL Network which will air tomorrow on NHL Network. McGroarty who plays at Michigan University shared with Rosen when they were in kitchen that it is part of wardrobe that is part of wardrobe that Seamus Casey and Gavin Brindley both members of US Team UU.

And also his teammates from Michigan are best cooks on Wolverine hockey team. In total there are five University of Michigan players in US Team UU. Friends and family of US Team trying to get to Moncton for Youth World Cup have been affected by devastation caused by weather and airline operations. An example has to do with Dylan Duke's family: mother Sharon father Steve and sister Alyssa. The trio arrived Christmas morning at Detroit Metropolitan Airport to begin their trip to Moncton.

Introduce Plan B which included flight to Toronto on Christmas night and overnight stay in Toronto; flight from Toronto to Ottawa next morning; connecting flight from Ottawa to Halifax; then rental car trip to Moncton arrive just in time for yesterday's confrontation at 5 p.m.Today it is forward Logan Cooley who plays for Minnesota University. Today it is forward Cutter Gauthier who plays Boston University. Players and staff took their official photos of tournament today before practice and players also had green screen television session which included several animated photos of players. One of requests was simply “something fun” and Red Savage Cutter Gauthier Logan Cooley and Tyler Boucher showed team's best creativity. Team photo was taken just before start of practice.

Christmas music filled costumes of US Team today Department State and both players and staff were smiling and singing several songs.