Troy Ryan: Canada's Women's National Hockey Coach

Troy Ryan is a renowned Canadian ice hockey coach who currently serves as the head coach of Canada's women's national hockey team. His commitment to providing the best hockey players, regardless of gender, with the opportunity to play professionally has been unwavering. To this end, Hockey Canada Foundation has launched Hockey is Hers, an initiative that focuses on three strategic areas: the development of coaches, the recruitment and retention of girls in hockey, and supporting the Canadian Women's National Team. Bauer Hockey and Hockey Canada have also joined forces to collaborate in areas where they share missions.

Troy Ryan will remain head coach of Team Canada's women's hockey program until 2026, according to Hockey Canada. He is a four-time Olympic gold medalist, a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Canada, and an honored member of the Order of Hockey in Canada. He is also an operations consultant for the Professional Women's Hockey Players Association (PWHPA).Troy Ryan is a true champion for women's hockey in Canada. His dedication to providing equal opportunities for female athletes has been instrumental in helping to grow the sport and create a more inclusive environment for all players.

He has been a leader in advocating for increased funding and resources for female hockey players and teams. His commitment to excellence has been recognized by his peers and fans alike. Troy Ryan is an inspirational figure in Canadian hockey and a role model for aspiring female athletes. His passion for the game and commitment to creating equal opportunities for all players is admirable. He is a true champion for women's hockey in Canada and his dedication to excellence will continue to inspire generations of female athletes.